"Homestyle" one sheet

Pete Herzog


Street Date: Sept. 6th, 2008


Open guitar tunings, flat picking and bottlenecking fill "Homestyle," a new collection of acoustic blues by Rogue Valley guitarist Pete Herzog…..Herzog's often uses alternate tunings on his guitars. He used an old Gibson and older arch top Kay to create the harmonics for "Homestyle."

"One is tuned oddly," Herzog says. "And the other is tuned even more oddly….Of the 18 tracks on the album, all but three were written by Herzog….."I've also developed my own style of picking without meaning to," Herzog says.

When Herzog discovered blues and roots music as a teenager, he wasn't aware that most of it was played finger-style.

"It's a style where you use your thumb to create an alternating bass line while the melody is picked with the fingers," Herzog says. "It was a way that blues players in early juke joints could sound larger."

Herzog learned to play this style with a flat pick. It gives his music a different sound. He uses the Kay for slide. The guitar is from the '30s, and a friend of Herzog's bought it in the '40s in a Chicago pawn shop, Herzog says.

"I can sort of feel the history of all that have played it before me," Herzog says….He relates strongly with rural music, delta and country blues, bluegrass, roots and jug band styles.

"I've lived most of my life in the country and spent countless hours pickin' guitar on the back porch," Herzog states in his bio. "To me the blues have always been more than three chords and twelve bars. Sometimes one chord is plenty to tell a story and convey a feeling. The blues is mostly about a man and woman, the yin and yang, the light and dark, the tension and release, but it doesn't always have to be sad. Some of my favorite blues are more about being happy and doing something about it." 12/26/08 Medford Mail Tribune


"Homestyle" features Pete's acoustic blues and slide playing, reminding one of that distinctive blend of folk and blues heard in the smoky urban basement clubs of the 60's. 12/11/2008 Ashland Magazine


G'Day Pete.. Just received your new cd, thanks heaps mate. I must say right off the bat" you are a "Real Dealer" in the "One Man Acoustic' Blues.....I got into your stuff really from the first track, and I'm sure we'll be playing many of them in upcoming programs in the future. 11/05/2008 Tecka’s Tracks 106.7 FM, Australia


....Bottleneck, open tuning and discovering the blues in all it diversity. We can hear all this on his album ‘Homestyle’…A ‘live’ album, no overdubbing, all songs recorded in one take. Pete is using a slide guitar and an old Gibson with one pickup for these recordings. ‘Woman That I Love’ is the first song on this cd. We hear a slide passing by and know it is Pete playing all by himself, but it sounds like there is a second guitar player. In the song ‘Coqui Blues’, we hear a pick touch the strings, not really in the tradition of the acoustic blues, but because of the use of the slide licks, he gets away with it…..With a voice, oiled in a good Gin, we are dealing with an artist, who knows very well how it must have been in the Mississippi Delta. No, no foot stomping beats, no bass and drums. A unique style, strong vocals en ditto lyrics, who are breathing the past, the present and the future. 10/07/08 Bobtje's Blues Pages, Belgium


"We All Fall Down" is Squeezed tightly in painful sadness. And always there is the resonant echo of his guitars that skin and soul stirs. Pete has a handful of road with his warm voice and skilled guitar technique to introduce you to his private blue kingdom. 10/13/08 Rootstime-Belgium, translated from Dutch


He plays amazing guitar and the kind I really like, old style…..His music is really entertaining, make you laugh, make you cry, make you think about the past, the present, and the future.

8/08/08 Arialla St.Clair –St. Clair Productions, Ashland, OR







1. Woman That I Love **

2. Cold Wind Blues **

3. Coqui Blues

4. No Score

5. Big Island Woman **

6. November First

7. Pretty Mama Take Me Home

8. Gray Cat

9. Jump on Blues **

10. Hanalei Farewell

11. Whole Hog

12. We All Fall Down

13. My Baby, Um Huh **

14. House of the Rising Sun

15. Know Your Rider

16. Murphy's Cabin

17. Last Kind Words

18. Sail Away


**Suggested Tracks




“Homestyle” is a solo project by Pete Herzog. Open guitar tunings, flat picking and bottlenecking fill this collection of acoustic blues.
Pete uses several different guitars often tuned in several different modal tunings. His music has strong roots influences where the instrument is often used as another voice.