Spring time 

Back on the mainland and playing some new songs, getting them fine tuned and will hopefully be recording some soon.

Big Island 

I have just finished updating the web site, wraping up some lose ends here in Oregon and getting ready to head to the Big Island, where I am looking forward to playing some shows with the Big Blue O with  Colin John and Kalani Souza, should be a great time.

Steel Guitar, a Blues Opera 

So after over a year of writing and revising, the blues opera, Steel Guitar, will have it's first public performance July 2nd at Headwaters gallery in Ashland. Steel Guitar is a story connecting 22 original songs in an hour and forty five minute long performance with an intermission in the middle. I often write songs from the viewpoint of someone other than myself and I thought why not tie all these characters together with a story. The connecting element is the guitar, as it changes hands. I have often…

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Open tuning workshop 

I had a great time at the open tuning/slide guitar workshop. I had about 15 folk show up at Tom's guitar studio, with varying amounts of experience. After an hour or so they were all able to play in several different tunings, several different keys and were familiar with the 1-4-5 terminology for describing 12 bar blues. We actually played several songs and I think it was a good introduction. The basics of playing in open tuning can be learned in a short while, of course it can take a lifetime to master…

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CD's are now on CDbaby 

Hi, CD's are now available on CD baby. Looking forward to the CD release party .

CD release concert 

Saturday, Sept 6th, from 4 until late CD release party, at the Rogue river Lodge. 2 1/2 miles north of Shady Cove Another Anthem opening with an acoustic set. Pete will be playing tunes off his new CD, homestyle The new CD will be played from 4 PM till after 5, Another Anthem will play an acoustic set. Pete will take the stage at 6 and play many of the tunes from his new CD and some old blues/roots standards This an all ages event, food and beverages are available. Cost is free