Pete Herzog

Steel Guitar, a Blues Opera

So after over a year of writing and revising, the blues opera, Steel Guitar, will have it's first public performance July 2nd at Headwaters gallery in Ashland. Steel Guitar is a story connecting 22 original songs in an hour and forty five minute long performance with an intermission in the middle. I often write songs from the viewpoint of someone other than myself and I thought why not tie all these characters together with a story. The connecting element is the guitar, as it changes hands. I have often thought about vintage instruments I have played and wondered at their history and if all those who had played them before me had colored their sound in some way. There is a multi-generational love story too, what's blues without love loss, and conflict. The music I think is the best part, I roughly included musical styles that showcased elements of blues roots and development of different styles, and of course these tunes I hope to play often so I made sure they were all arrangements I enjoyed. I've had folk tell me that as much as they liked the music they were waiting anxiously for the story to continue. I hope I have scored a hit with both the music and the story, please check the sample video below, and I hope to see you soon at a show. Many thanks, Pete